Let’s get intentional this holiday season. Here at Perrier Planning Inc. we lead an eco-conscious lifestyle outside of our business hours, as we try to limit buying items that come in wasteful packaging and strive towards reusing and repurposing, over buying new. We continually try out new products from local businesses that share our ethical […]

Zero-Waste Journal

December 1, 2021

Your Holiday Eco Gift Guide – Ontario

This week on the Zero Waste Journal we are diving into furniture and how we can re-use, re-upholster, and recycle furniture. At Perrier Planning, we actually prefer to buy used and recycled pieces as we find that older furniture is better quality and more durable. The new products on the market seem to be made […]

Zero-Waste Journal

January 15, 2021

Zero Waste Ideas – Furniture Recycling

It’s 2021 and it’s time we start making a pledge to respect our planet more! Comment on this post if you are with us!! It’s our duty to start questioning huge corporations about their ethical values. Wait why? Just 100 companies are responsible for 71% of global emissions worldwide!! Specifically, Coca-Cola, Pepsi Co and Nestle […]

Zero-Waste Journal

January 3, 2021

5 Easy Low Waste Swaps For 2021

Okay, so we have four days until Christmas, and you have probably bought most of your presents by now, but have you wrapped them yet? If not, then I AM HERE FOR YOU…..and the best part? You don’t even need to spend any money. Here are 5 of my favourite low waste gift wrapping ideas […]

Zero-Waste Journal

December 21, 2020

5 Unique & Low Waste Gift Wrapping Ideas