Unfortunately, it is pretty hard to complete a zero waste grocery shop at a regular store. As much as I love shopping at Fiesta Farms, a local Toronto grocer, I was going to need to make a switch. After doing a little research I discovered the Unboxed Market on Dundas Street West.

Zero-Waste Journal

April 26, 2020

Zero-Waste Grocery Shopping in Toronto

As the owner of Perrier Planning, an eco-friendly wedding and event planning company, I live a pretty sustainable lifestyle. I am my brand, and as I teach my clients ways to lower their carbon footprint, I also practice those things in my own life. I drive a hybrid car, buy mostly organic foods, support local businesses, have a bamboo toothbrush and always bring my reusable cup when I go out for coffee.

Zero-Waste Journal

April 20, 2020

The Beginning of my Zero-Waste Journey