If you are a newly engaged couple, or a seasoned industry professional, the word Eco-Luxe (ecoluxe) might be starting to pop up on your radar. So what does Eco-Luxe really mean? Eco-Luxe is a buzz word, so you won’t be finding it in the dictionary, but that doesn’t make the concept any less meaningful. In the event world THIS IS THE MOMENT WE HAVE ALL BEEN WAITING FOR. Finally, we have two worlds amalgamating.

Green Wedding Journal

January 17, 2021

Join the Eco-Luxe Movement

Micro Weddings are IN, they are cute and they are so much better for the planet! What’s the difference between a micro wedding and an elopement? Micro or small scale weddings have a guest count of 30-50 people and the order of events is similar to those at a regular wedding. Elopements are considered under 10 people and the affair is usually planned under the radar (and not far ahead of time).

Green Wedding Journal

August 7, 2020

The 5 Best Eco-Friendly Wedding Venues in Toronto (for Micro Weddings)

Unfortunately, it is pretty hard to complete a zero waste grocery shop at a regular store. As much as I love shopping at Fiesta Farms, a local Toronto grocer, I was going to need to make a switch. After doing a little research I discovered the Unboxed Market on Dundas Street West.

Zero-Waste Journal

April 26, 2020

Zero-Waste Grocery Shopping in Toronto

As the owner of Perrier Planning, an eco-friendly wedding and event planning company, I live a pretty sustainable lifestyle. I am my brand, and as I teach my clients ways to lower their carbon footprint, I also practice those things in my own life. I drive a hybrid car, buy mostly organic foods, support local businesses, have a bamboo toothbrush and always bring my reusable cup when I go out for coffee.

Zero-Waste Journal

April 20, 2020

The Beginning of my Zero-Waste Journey